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What Do Stock Cubes and Powders Do to Your Food?

What Do Stock Cubes and Powders Do to Your Food?

Ever sat down to a delicious plate of food and one bite in, you ask yourself, “what is missing?”. It’s not salt and pepper because you already added that in and it’s not those few dashes of hot sauce for the fiery kick - it’s lacking depth of flavour. And that’s when you realize, you forgot to add the stock cube in. Believe it or not, but stock cubes and powder play a big role in your food. Sometimes regular seasoning just doesn’t cut it and stock cubes or powder can make all the difference.

If you’re one of those people who don’t know the difference between stock cubes and powders, you’re not alone. Many people aren’t sure how to use them properly and miss out on that flavour that could be expanding in their meals. Luckily for you, we’re here to change the way you see and use stock cubes and powders in your cooking. Our handy guide will teach you everything you need to know about them, the different types available and how to use them for long-lasting flavour.

How Do Stock Cubes and Powders Enhance the Flavour of Food?

Stock cubes and powders are a concentrated form of herbs and spices. They’re used to enhance the flavour of food and can be used in a variety of ways too. The reason that many people trust and love stock cubes and powders is that they provide rich and intense flavour to meals in a small convenient cube or powder. You must be wondering how can one tiny cube give such powerful flavour and taste. The answer is quality ingredients used to provide better nourishment and satiety to your meals.

Are Stock Cubes and Powders the Same Thing?

Stock cubes and powders are not the same things, but they do serve the same function, and that is to take your meals from zero to hero! The difference is their shape and consistency. Stock cubes are dense little cubes that pack a mighty punch and stock powders are just the powdered form of cubes. They both consist of dehydrated herbs and spices, meat, and a mixture of other seasonings. Not all stock cubes and powders contain meat, there are ones that are vegetarian-friendly too.

How Are Stock Cubes and Powders Used in Cooking?

Used to create broths, soups, gravies and more, stock cubes and powders are your right-hand man in flavour. To unleash their best, both stock cubes and powders need to be dissolved in water or milk before adding to meals. One might think that you can only use stock cubes for some meals and stock powders for others. The reality is that when it comes to cooking, you have your specific method and way of doing things and using a stock cube instead of powder, or vice versa, isn’t going to end your dish.

The Benefits of Stock Cubes and Powders

The secret to flavourful meals is sometimes staring at you right in the face. Regular seasoning just doesn’t have the same magic as stock cubes and powders. Besides providing additional vitamins and minerals to your food, they also let your neighbours know that you’re cooking up something delicious and might just invite themselves over. Here are some benefits of using stock cubes and powders in your dishes.

They Add Colour to Food

Do you sometimes find that your soups or stews are lacking that gorgeous colour and look a little bland? Stock cubes and powders can help change that and give it a beautiful rich colour that screams flavour. This is because it’s packed with spices that add colours such as paprika, chilli powder and more.

They Add Aroma

Nothing brings a family together more than the irresistible aroma of food. Knorrox stock cubes and powder are crafted with the best ingredients to give not only a great taste but a delicious smell too. Don’t be fooled by their size, a little goes a long when it comes to providing flavour and aromatics to your meals.

They Enhance the Taste of Food

A lot goes into making meals smell amazing, but it all boils down to taste. Stock cubes and powders are formulated with nourishing herbs and spices that bring out the real flavour of ordinary ingredients. Every bite leaves you wanting more and you can’t help but lick your plate clean – don’t worry, there’s no shame in that. It simply means that the meal was 10/10 on taste and flavour.

How to Use Stock Cubes and Powers in Your Everyday Cooking

Everyday cooking doesn’t have to be boring or basic. We believe that you should enjoy every meal like it’s your last and put every bit of love and effort into preparing it. If you’re low on pantry seasonings, stock cubes and powders are extremely affordable and can last for a long time without the flavour and taste being compromised. Whether you’re making a soup, risotto, gravy, pasta or more, Knorrox stock cubes or powders will ensure it’s packed with long-lasting, irresistible flavour.

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