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Festive Feasts And Aromat Go Well Together

Festive Feasts And Aromat Go Well Together

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that food and Aromat should never be apart! Aromat is like a BFF, but for your food; you can always count on it to bring #unbelievableflavour. This festive season, it’s time to shake things up and spice up your feasts with Aromat. We know that planning holiday season food can be quite daunting, but with Aromat on your side, you never have anything to worry about. Not only is it the perfect way to add delicious flavour to your meals, but everything just tastes better with a sprinkle of Aromat goodness.

What Festive Meals Can You Enjoy with Aromat?

The real question is, what meal can’t you enjoy with Aromat? And while that may be a rhetorical question, there really isn’t anything that Aromat can’t fix. Made from only the finest ingredients, our herbs and flavourings create a balanced taste profile that impresses anyone and everyone. Here are some family favourite festive meals that can be enjoyed with a sprinkle of Aromat.

Aromat Rosemary Steak

Calling all meat lovers, this T-bone rosemary steak just falls off the bone and is incredibly juicy. The secret ingredient? Aromat Chilli Beef spice. Enough said. No need to get fancy shmancy with 10 ingredients; everything you need, Aromat has. Serve with creamy, buttery mashed potatoes and roasted veggies.

Aromat Cheese Summer Pasta Salad

Look at all the colours! If you thought a festive summer pasta salad was boring, you’ve never used Aromat Cheese spice to make it exciting. This yummy salad goes with anything and everything and is loaded with bell peppers, cheese, and freshly-chopped parsley.

7 Colour Festive Meals with Aromat Flavour

Ke Dezemeba, it’s about the nyama, the veggies, the harmony of these traditional South African meals. Even better if it’s flavoured with Aromat, meaning your meals will never disappoint. A typical 7 colour Sunday lunch sings with flavour and consists of meat, gravy, rice, potatoes, butternut or pumpkin, bean salad, beetroot, green beans, and carrots. If you’re looking to add that extra #unbelieveableflavour to your festive feast, add the 8th colour for a bang.

7 colour festive meals are delicious, filling, and nothing but legendary. What’s usually a typical Sunday kos for the family can now be a festive feast for everyone to relish in. Lalela, here’s how you can bring more flava to your 7 colour festive meals. Try these Aromat seasonings to your 7 colour meal.

Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning: designed to breathe new life and flavour into your food, our naturally tasty seasoning gives a burst of authentic flavour with real ingredients. Sprinkle some goodness over your colourful veggies for #unbelieveableflavour.

Aromat Peri-Peri Seasoning: nothing like a bit of heat to spice up your meals. For your roast chickens and other nyamas you want to fire up, shake some peri-peri seasoning on to add some kick!

Aromat Chilli Beef Seasoning: the only way to beef up your nyama. Chilli beef seasoning packs a punch and gives your tastebuds a mesmerising taste of both meaty and spicy, just how it’s meant to be. Take your festive meal to the next level with Aromat today.

How to Enjoy Your Favourite Festive Meals this Dezemba Boss!

The best way to enjoy your festive meals this Dezemba is by adding lots of flava! Aromat tastes amazing on everything, so it’s only right to add it to every single festive meal. Bring the music to the holiday party and shake it up with Aromat.

Here’s how to enjoy yourself this festive.

  1. If you’re invited out to a dinner party, remember to pack your favourite Aromat seasoning in your bag so that if flavour is lacking, at least you’re prepared.
  2. It’s festive, don’t be shy to go for seconds.
  3. Remember not to overdo it, but also don’t underdo it. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

For more festive meals to make your Dezemba even better, head to What’s For Dinner and explore a world full of flavour.

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