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The Perfect Break Time Brain Food

The Perfect Break Time Brain Food

Here are two wholesome, tasty and nutritious lunchtime and early morning favourites that you can add into their lunchboxes – tasty superfood treats that will keep their minds sharp and their bodies energised.

Fantastic Fruit Salad

Fruit salads really are fantastic, aren’t they? Easy to make and delicious to tuck into, they are the perfect bountiful lunchbox surprise that your child will love. Have a look below for some of our favourite fruit combinations, and what wonderful healthy benefits they’ll provide for your child.


Sweet, filling and packed with vitamins and energy, bananas are a great base for any fruit salad. Ever seen a sportsman tucking into one during a break in play? These yellow delights replace electrolytes and will provide your child with good energy for the rest of the day.


Oranges are amazing! Did you know that one orange can provide your little ones with 130% of the vitamin C that their bodies need for the day? They are also full of fibre, natural sugars and immune-boosting antioxidants that will keep them from getting sick on regular occasions throughout the year.


Sweet, succulent and juicy – watermelons are a real winner when it comes to flavour and healthy benefits. Consisting of mostly water, they are packed full of vitamins A, C and B6. Watermelons also contain amino acids that help with muscle recovery, allowing your children to enjoy their favourite sports and feel right-as-rain the next day.


Apples are a tasty, any-time treat that will add a delicious sweetness to your child’s fruit salad. Rich in fibre and flavour, these heart-healthy powerhouses of juicy goodness are always a welcome addition.

Scrumptious Sandwiches On Wholewheat

Perfect for that break-time hunger-bust, wholeweat breads are high in fibre, royally enriched with wholesome goodness, and filled with vitamins that promote the longevity of memory cells. These memory cells help your little one study harder and concentrate better in class. Have a look below at some of our favourite sarmy recommendations that your child will adore.

Hard-Boiled Eggs Mashed With Mayo

Marvellous mayo and hard-boiled eggs are a truly tasty combination. Not only are eggs delicious, but they are also easy to prepare, and a pocket-friendly source of protein that will keep your little one’s mind working throughout the day. Ring the changes by using cream cheese instead of mayo, or add finely chopped parsley or chives for a fresh bite.

Chicken With Avo

Loaded with fibre and filled with creamy flavour, avos are amazing, healthy and nutritious. Whether your child likes them spread onto bread or cut into thin slices, avocado is an ingredient that can make any sandwich taste incredible. Add a few slices of grilled chicken breast plus a dab of mayo, and your youngster will be singing your praises.

Mashed Sardines With Lemon Juice

Fish is fantastic! Brimming with vitamin B12, protein and omega-3 fats, sardines are exactly the type of brain food that you want your children to eat. Add a few squeezes of lovely lemon flavour and this flavoursome sandwich is good to go. Pilchards are just as nutritious: try mashing them with a little tomato sauce!

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