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The Best Tips For Hosting a Braai

The Best Tips For Hosting a Braai

As soon as the days begin to get warmer, basking in the afternoon sun becomes everyone’s main source of fun. For the sunny weather though, there’s a longstanding local tradition that brings everyone together to share in good food and great times, a tradition that serves as the perfect complement to a summer’s day.

You’ve probably already guessed it because you know there’s nothing better than a good-old braai to take your mind off the summer’s heat. While braais are tons of fun, hosting a braai function is no easy task.

With so many elements to consider - food, guests, entertainment - ensuring your braai is the best, can feel like a juggling act. But worry-not because What’s For Dinner has got you covered with some top braai tips to make you the host with the most! Read on!

The How-To’s of Hosting a Braai

Becoming a brilliant braai host takes time, practice, and patience. There are so many moving parts when it comes to planning a braai that everyone will enjoy, which is why many wonder, ‘how do you host a good braai?’. Here are 5 braai tips to ensure the next braai you host is top-notch.

1. Choose the date and time wisely

When it comes to choosing the perfect date for your braai, checking the weather forecast is essential. The last thing you need is some summer rain spoiling your braai day. So set your braai for sunny or slightly overcast days.

2. Decide on the format

There are a bunch of options to choose from when it comes to deciding on the type of braai you’ll host. Whatever the order of the day, be it a poolside braai, a bring and braai or doing something different like a seafood or veggie braai, ensure you clearly communicate it to your guests.

3. Serve snacks well before the braai is ready

There’s nothing worse than having starving guests as everyone waits for the braai food to be ready. So to prevent hungry visitors, ensure you have plenty of snacks for your friends and family to fill up on while the braai food gets cooked. To help spread the costs, you can ask your guests to bring some snacks for a fun bring and braai day.

4. Make sure you’re on top of your pre-party prep

Planning and preparation are essential to make sure your braai is perfect, so set aside some time to prepare your home for your incoming guests.

If you’ve been wondering, your process should include:

  • Clearing space in your fridge for all the beverages and food
  • Making sure your braai tools and equipment are clean and braai-ready
  • Ensuring you have bins or plastics available for any rubbish
  • Ensuring you have the furniture and facilities to cater for all your guests
  • Having entertainment and play areas for kids or pets

5. Don’t forget about the meat!

The food at your braai, especially the meat, is the star of the show. So you need to ensure there is enough to go around and that your meat is seasoned to perfection to create some crowd-pleasing flavours. So make sure you’ve stocked up on whatever marinades and spices you may need to make sure your braai is bursting with deliciousness.

With these top braai hosting tips, make your braai the event of the season!

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