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Stock powder vs stock cubes: When to use them

Stock powder vs stock cubes: When to use them

Flavour comes in many different shapes and forms. From seasonings and stock cubes to stock powders and more; how do you know when to use each one independently from another? Cooking is an art and skill that can take some time to learn. When you have gathered around with family for a special occasion and you take one bite of your Gogo’s traditional family meal, it takes you back to your childhood days. If you had to ask what the secret ingredient was, they’d whisper back “love” and a bit of Knorrox stock powder or cube.

Using the wrong kind of stock can change the flavour of the dish you’re preparing. We know that sometimes to not easy to tell which one is best to use, leaving you with a difficult choice to make: stock powder or stock cube. We’ve created this easy and useful guide to help you understand the differences between stock cubes and stock powder so that you can make the best decision for your next family recipe. Who knows, your Gogo just might ask you if you discovered the secret ingredient to her traditional family recipe!

What are Stock Cubes?

Stock cubes are little-but-mighty cubes of flavour. It is typically made from dehydrated vegetables, dried meat, and other seasonings. They’re known to be typically higher in sodium, but Knorrox stock cubes are developed with your health and well-being in mind. They’re carefully crafted using the best ingredients to nourish your food, with less sodium and more meaty goodness. Stock cubes are often called “bouillon” cubes and are quite dense with flavour, providing instant yumminess to your meals.

What is Stock Powder?

Unlike its counterpart stock cubes, stock powder remains in its dried, powder form. It often comes in a sachet or bottle and is made of dehydrated vegetables, meat, and other seasonings. Stock powders are perfect for recipes that call for broth or stock, such as soups, risotto, stir fry and more. It can also be used to make sauces and delicious gravies. Knorrox stock powders contain a balanced blend of herbs and spices to deliver that well-known rich, meaty flavour. Just add water to the stock powder and stir to dissolve, then pour directly into your dish.

Differences Between Stock Cubes and Stock Powders

There aren’t many differences between stock cubes and stock powders, but it’s good to know what makes them unique in the kitchen. A stock cube is a dense, singular block compromised of herbs and spices and stock powder contains the same ingredients, just in powder form. They both can be dissolved in water before adding to your meals, and still deliver unbelievable flavour.

Can I use stock cube instead of powder?

If you’re out of stock powder and all you have are stock cubes, you could use it in your recipe. Cooking in the kitchen comes with trial and error, and using a stock cube instead of powder isn’t going to end the world or your meal. Stock cubes are just dense than stock powder and deliver the same flavour. Yes, they’re not created equally but if your meal requires a serious punch of flavour, a stock cube can do the job.

Also, people use stock powder or cubes depending on the meal that they’re preparing. For example, some people use stock powder for thickening sauces and stock cubes for making a hearty broth. There is no wrong or right way to use these powerful sources of flavour.

When Should You Use Stock Cubes

Stock cubes are great to use for any dish that needs a kick of flavour. Don’t underestimate their size, they might be little, but they’re mighty with flavour. In dishes such as hearty soups, stews, risotto and more, you dissolve this bad boy in some water and pour all that goodness in. You could use the stock cube as part of your marinade if you also wanted to flavour your meat or chicken. As you go along, you will go with what you prefer, flavour-wise, in your meals.

When Should You Use Stock Powder

Stock powders are extremely versatile and can be used for any dish. If you’re whipping up delicious homemade pasta, the stock powder can be used to create a velvety, rich sauce or if you’re preparing a soup for a cold day, it can be used to intensify and deepen the flavour. It can even be used as a seasoning for your meals! Knorrox stock powders are so rich in that heavenly meaty flavour, that they can also be used as a dry rub to flavour up your cut of meat or chicken.

Scenarios Where You Can Use Both Stock Cubes and Stock Powders

We reckon there are times when you can use stock cubes and powders for meals. When it comes to preparing a bigger meal, typically one that feeds more than 10 people, stock cubes and powders can be used together. Not only will using both of these stocks provide rich and intense flavour to the meal, but it will also thicken ay gravy and make it silky smooth. Rest assured that your large family meal will have enough flavour that will have your family talking about that Knorrox meaty taste for days.

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