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Start Planting Your Own Future Foods At Home

Start Planting Your Own Future Foods At Home

The planet could do with a helping hand from us humans, to steer it towards a healthier status, which will result in healthier people. The population continues to grow and with it, our need for alternative food sources. Introducing future foods into the sustainable planet ring, we have a real opportunity to make a positive contribution to our beloved planet, that can result in us actually living healthier lives too.

Future foods are, well, the foods of the future. Named so because they aren't so prevalent in popular global cuisine just yet, but as we move towards the future, these foods will become the norm more and more. Seaweed and insects are some of the foods we can look forward to potentially adding to our diets in the future.

But if snacking on creepy crawlies and sea plants doesn't quite appeal to your senses just yet, worry not because we have an exciting solution for you. Planting and growing your own vegetables at home is the future foods convenience you didn't know you needed.

Why should I grow my own food?

Like we mentioned, maybe a bug breakfast is not your ideal go to. If that’s the case, growing your own food is a great way to avoid crunching on crickets, and a sustainable way to:

Save money: Having your own home vegetable garden means you can save money by no longer having to buy vegetables from the store and saving on the petrol cost of all those store runs.

Eat more fresh food: Once you are growing your own food, having to settle for your local grocery store’s definition of fresh food will be a thing of the past. Having a vegetable garden at home means guaranteed freshness because you picked it. And the fresher the vegetable, the more nutritious and flavourful it is.

Get some exercise: Tending to your vegetable patch is a great excuse to get outside into the fresh air, and a fun way to get your body moving. Plus, you reap all the benefits because all the sweat and muscle you put in will just mean a more bountiful vegetable garden for you.

You're saving the planet!: Your home vegetable garden is a big deal when it comes to helping the environment. By planting your own food, you are contributing to a healthier planet by not relying on long distance transportation to deliver your vegetables, cutting down on transport pollution. Growing your own food also means that you are able to source food without using pesticides and other chemicals that harm the planet.

Hopefully all of these benefits have convinced you that having your own future foods vegetable garden at home is the way to go. But it may have also led you to wonder, ‘How do I start a small vegetable garden at home?’ We're here to help you with some top tips for starting your very own vegetable garden.

How to start a home vegetable garden

Choose the right spot

No matter what you decide to grow in your home garden, every successful vegetable garden needs plenty of sunlight and water. So when picking out that perfect spot for your vegetable garden, make sure it’s an area that is close enough to a water source so that you're not running laps trying to water your garden. Make sure the area gets plenty of sunlight too. If your garden has a lot of shady spots then plant foods, like kale and chives, that can handle the limited sunlight.

Start small

If you are a beginner, be mindful not to bite off more than you can chew. Start with a smaller home vegetable garden and learn what works and what doesn't. Once you are confident that you’ve developed the sought-after green thumb, you can begin to expand your vegetable garden as your time and other resources allow.

Grow what you love to eat

Beginning by planting foods that you actually love to eat may be the extra bit of motivation you need to stay dedicated to caring for your home vegetable garden. Where’s the fun in growing foods you are not interested in? Rather find foods you like, and then relish in that sense of pride when you get to dine on your favourite foods, all grown by you.

Get planning, for a flourishing home vegetable garden

It’s in the word. When it comes to planting, you need to plan. More than choosing the right spot for your veggie patch, you need to consider the layout of your garden, your cropping system, the number of plants you'll plant and much more! Don't slack on your planning if you want to see your home vegetable garden succeed. Put effort into planning for your home vegetable garden and you will reap the benefits.

When you do reap the benefits of your at home veggie garden, we have plenty of yummy future food recipes that will highlight your harvest and maybe even inspire you to plant more.

For awesome future food recipes and other meal ideas, visit What’s For Dinner today.

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