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Perfect Your Braai Skills with Robertsons

Perfect Your Braai Skills with Robertsons

Braaiing is a South African past-time that might as well be considered an art form. Becoming a braai master is all about perfecting your braai skills to the point that your family and friends know that they’re going to get something special when they’re invited to your house.

Have you come out of a long braai-free winter or perhaps haven’t braaied in a while? Do you want to improve your braai skills to master the perfect braai? With these Robertson's braai tips, you can learn everything you need to know about making the perfect braai.

How To Prepare The Perfect Braai

Are you wondering how to braai like a pro? The first thing to do to become a master braai-maker is to make sure you prepare the braai well. The perfect braai starts with the perfect base, as is the case with most things in life. Here’s how:

  • If you’re braaiing marinaded meats, make sure you have prepped, seasoned, spiced and marinaded them the night before. This will allow them to marinade overnight and they will be ready to pop on the braai when the coals are ready.
  • Make sure your grid is clean. There is nothing worse than opening up your braai to discover that it hasn’t been cleaned from your last one. Ideally, you should clean the grid after every braai once it has cooled. Otherwise make sure you soak the grid in warm, soapy water and scrub with steel wool or a braai brush to remove any burnt-on food.
  • Give your clean grid a quick rub down with an onion. Cut the onion in half and rub it over the grid to create the perfect base layer on which to braai.
  • If you’re cooking on coals, start your coal stack with a few pieces of firelighters first and then pack the coals in a circular pattern around them. Light the coals and allow them to heat up in that pattern. Once they’ve been burning for 15 -30 minutes, push the coals out to create a flatter surface area to allow for more dispersed heat. Once you can hold your hand over the coals for about 5 -10 secs, then it means your braai is ready.

5 Steps To Brush Up On Your Braai Skills

If you want to turn an ordinary braai into a completely unforgettable one, follow these braai skills to master that will impress your guests and make your braai a brilliant one.

#1 – Get adventurous with your meat

We all love boerewors and ribs on a braai, of course. But why not get funky with your meat choices and try a range of new and different meats to cook? Apart from beef, try cuts of meat like pork loin, lamb chops, turkey and even a whole fish on the braai.

#2 – Season, season, season

Getting the seasoning right on any cut of meat you choose is the key to a great braai. No one likes bland, burnt food, so make sure you adequately season your meat before putting it on the braai. Once you’ve braaied it for a few minutes, make sure you taste it a little again to see if it needs more spicing or seasoning as it cooks.

#3 - Don’t skimp on the cheese

There is nothing worse than a salad with three pieces of cheese in it. Cheese is a great ingredient to use in side dishes including salads and vegetable dishes. You can even opt for braai halloumi cheese for something different.

#4 – Impress with veggies

Whilst most meats are the heroes of any braai, you can impress your guests with the range of vegetables you choose to serve. From braised sweet potatoes to salads and roasted veggies, get creative with your vegetable choices at your next braai.

#5 - The secrets in the spice

Braai spices are going to be your best friend when you’re honing your skills in braai. Thanks to Robertson’s range of expertly blended Braai & Grill Spices, you’ll be able to create meat and other dishes that are bursting with flavour.

The Robertsons Spices That Are Perfect For A Braai

Are you wondering how to braai the perfect steak? Or what spices to use to turn an average braai into a gastronomic one? We’ve made a list of our favourite braai dishes, using Robertson’s spices, that will take your next braai to the next level. Check out these delicious Robertson’s recipes for the braai that the whole family will love:

How To Be The Braai Master With Robertsons

Choose Robertsons as your seasoning and spice partner of choice at your next braai. Robertsons range of spices gives you depths of flavours that you never knew possible, all at the shake of a bottle.
Visit What’s For Dinner today for more mouth-watering meal inspiration.

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