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Tasty Recipes From Around The World

Tasty Recipes From Around The World

Tasty Recipes from Around the World

The beauty of our globally connected world is that we are able to experience cultures that are vastly different to our own by travelling to new countries and experiencing their way of life through experiences like food. Even during the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have remained connected to each other through the web, and now more than ever, we are able to virtually experience new flavours and countries by simply hopping on our computers and downloading a new world recipe.

Whether you’re keen to travel and try new cuisines or download a recipe to try at home, you and your family will be able to immerse yourself in a culture by trying recipes from all over the world.
We’ve put together a list of the 10 most popular food around the world, with some delicious recipes to go with them that you and the whole family will love.

What are the Most Popular Foods in the World? What are the Top 10 Cuisines in the World?

Here are our top 10 international recipes of the world that we think beat the rest thanks to the diversity and flavours that are packed into their style of cooking and the ingredients that typically are used from that country. Are you ready to let your tastebuds start tingling?

South African

Of course, we’re biased, but we think South Africa ranks right at the top of some of the best dishes and flavours to be found in the world. From a good Durban curry to Amanqina eNkomo just like Mama makes, we’re a country known for our rich, meaty dishes and of course, our braais.

Here are our favourite South African recipes.


Whilst America isn’t world renowned for high-class cuisine, it is known for filling and flavourful dishes like Beef Burgers, Macaroni Cheese and Cajun Chicken. When you cook the American way, you’re guaranteed to get dishes that are hearty, and that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Here are our favourite American recipes.


Asian culture is known the world over for packing a powerful punch when it comes to a variety of flavours in their dishes. Fragrant ingredients like coriander, ginger and chillies can often be found in their recipes which include both vegetarian and meat dishes too.

Here are our favourite Asian recipes.


French food doesn’t have to mean pretentious flavours and small portions, quite the contrary actually. They also produce heart, welcoming dishes like stroganoff and stews that are perfect to try in our South African winters.

Here are our favourite French recipes.


Whether you like it extra hot or slightly milder, you’ll find that Indian cuisine caters for every kind of curry-palate. From traditional Aloo Bonda to the well-loved Chicken Korma, Indian cuisine is guaranteed to always be a family favourite.

Here are our favourite Indian recipes.


Italian food is a firm favourite of just about everyone, especially the kids. Who doesn’t love a good pasta or pizza? Italian cuisine is known for their fresh ingredients and hearty concoctions that should more than often be shared over a good bottle of wine too.

Here are our favourite Italian recipes.


The Mediterranean way of eating is preferred by many around the world as it includes ingredients that are high in nutritional value and, of course, incredibly tasty. Apart from the tapas style of eating in many Mediterranean countries, they are also well-known for dishes like salads, phyllo pastry pies and tagines.

Here are our favourite Mediterranean recipes.


Mexicans are renowned for serving dishes that are meant to be eaten by many. They create dishes that are ideal for socialising alongside with like tacos, tortillas and fajitas. Always packed full of flavour, spices and lots of laughter too.

Here are our favourite Mexican recipes.


Peri Peri prawns and butterflied chicken are the dishes that often come to mind when you think Portuguese! The Portuguese way of cooking often uses wonderful ingredients like lemon, peri peri, chorizo and garlic to add deep depths of flavour to the dishes.

Here are our favourite Portuguese recipes.


Aromatic and festive are the words you’d use to describe the flavours of Spanish food. Spanish food, like most passionate cultures around the world, have dishes that are meant to be enjoyed in groups. Paella for example is one big, hearty dish that is meant to be shared around the table by the entire family as you dip into it with chunks of hearty homemade bread.

Here are our favourite Spanish recipes.

Why not make one night a week a night to try new international cuisine recipes? Take your tastebuds travelling with a trip to Mexico one week and France the next for example. Get the kids involved too and let them choose a country of their choice and choose a recipe that they love that’s from that country; a great way to introduce them to new foods and cultures too.

For more great recipes to choose from for every occasion and season, visit whatsfordinner today.

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