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How To Cook Spectacular Spinach

How To Cook Spectacular Spinach

Spinach is an incredibly versatile and flavourful veggie that will bring a healthy dose of goodness to your next meal. Use our tips and tricks to cook your spinach to absolute perfection.

Cooking Instructions:
Spinach is grown in sandy soil and this means that you will need to wash the leaves thoroughly in cool water to remove all grit. Spinach can be steamed, sautéed or braised with Knorr Stock Pot.

Keep in mind that spinach is also famous for shrinking by 90% when cooked so ensure you have a hearty portion of the leafy greens before taking them to the pan. Cooking spinach can create a more acidic taste and so many recipes will call for butter or cream to be added to balance out the flavour.

Top recipe using spinach:
Recipe Instruction:

There are three main varieties of spinach: savoy, semi-savoy and flat or smooth-leaved. Savoy spinach is dark green and has very curly leaves, this variant is often used in soups and stews.

Semi-savoy spinach is very similar to savoy, except the leaves are not as curly. Smooth-leaved spinach is often used in processed, canned or frozen foods. Whatever strain you choose, you’ll find a fantastic recipe to match. Serve creamed spinach as a delicious side or make spinach the base of your next zesty salad.

Spinach can be sourced both in Modern trade super markets (Pick n Pay, Checkers, Spar) and traditional trade markets, and street vendors at taxi ranks.

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