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Five Baked Beans Salad Recipe Ideas

Five Baked Beans Salad Recipe Ideas

Why Baked Beans Should be on Your Monthly Shopping List

Baked beans might bring back memories of student dorms, long days hiking with heavy backpacks and rumbling tummies, or Western movies in which cowboys eat them straight from the can. But did you know baked beans are making a comeback?

Affordable, protein-dense and quick to prepare, baked beans are making an appearance on the modern family’s grocery list once more. Whether used in a baked bean salad, curry, on toast or in a pasta dish, baked beans are an easy solution to a quick and satisfying meal.

Are Baked Beans Healthy?

Are baked beans healthy? According to the GI Foundation, baked beans have a low glycemic index which means that they keep you fuller for longer and release energy slowly. You therefore get the boost you need throughout the day without “hitting a wall”. Baked beans have been approved and endorsed by Diabetes South Africa, and what is more, baked beans are both kosher and halaal.

With all of these pros that count in favour of eating baked beans, we at Hellman’s wanted to put together some new, exciting and easy baked beans salad recipe ideas to inspire you.

Five Baked Bean Salad Recipes You Should Try!

1. An Indian Baked Bean Salad Recipe

For an interesting Indian spin on a baked bean salad add diced cherry tomatoes, a red onion, fresh coriander, and mint leaves to a can of baked beans. For a little sweetness, add two tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce mixed with lemon juice and a dollop of Hellmann’s Original Mayonnaise for a tart, creamy finish on the tongue.

This summer salad is best served straight from the fringe and pairs deliciously with braai meat, boerewors rolls or served on pap with chicken sosaties on the side.

2. A Creamy Bean Salad

The tomatoey flavour of the baked beans gives a perfect balance to the creamy taste of mayonnaise. To add a little crunch, you can play around with celery, red peppers, cucumber and spring onions. Hellman’s is made from cage-free eggs and a range of top-notch, quality ingredients, providing you with the tantalising yet full-bodied flavour you crave. It is the perfect addition to your bean salad as it creates a rich and delicious sauce when combined with baked beans.

3. South African Curried Baked Bean Salad

In South Africa, meat is often accompanied by a spicy side dish in the form of chakalaka, relish or fried onions. South Africans from around the country love curry. A curried baked bean salad is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next family gathering or get-together.

To make a curried baked bean salad, fry chopped onions and bits of bacon in oil with one teaspoon of curry powder. Use a wooden spoon to stir-fry the mix until the onions are translucent, and the bacon is crispy. Set this aside to cool.

Crack on by chopping whatever veggies you’d like to add to your curried baked bean salad. Diced carrots work well because they hold their shape. You can also add chopped green beans for a boost of iron. Once cooled, mix the components together. This curried baked bean salad can be prepared the day before you need it, and stores well in the fridge for a healthy weekday lunch.

4. A Hunger Busting Three Bean Salad

If you really want to get your bean fix, this Three Bean Pasta Salad is for you. Prepared with no less than three types of beans (kidney beans, butter beans and green beans) which are added to wholewheat pasta, this is a hunger-buster if ever we have seen one. Of course, you can substitute any one of the three beans with your favourite brand of baked beans.

The Dijon mustard in this salad provides a sophisticated heat and the coriander keeps it fresh and delicious. For a more indulgent option, add a touch of mayonnaise to the meal. You can serve this three bean salad in a lightly toasted wrap for lunch, or add a few blocks of cheddar or feta cheese to delight the younger members of your family.

5. A Mexican Baked Bean Salad with Flash-fried Mielies

For a Mexican baked bean salad try combining beans, chillies, mielies, green peppers and white onions. Strip the leaves from the mielies and use a sharp knife to slice the kernels off. Then flash fry the kernels on high heat in a little oil until they are partially browned. Remove from the heat and allow them to cool. Thinly slice your white onions. Cut open the chillies and remove the pips, then chop them finely. Lastly, roughly chop the green peppers.

Once the mielies have cooled down combine all the ingredients. For an authentic Mexican dressing, squeeze the juice of one lime, add salt and pepper and serve. If the chillies are too hot to handle, add more lime juice as the acid will combat the heat. Mayonnaise will also help tone down the warmth and will provide a different flavour dimension to the meal.

There you have it! Five easy baked bean salads to enjoy as side dishes, braai accompaniments or in a taco or wrap as a delicious picnic lunch.

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