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Add Aromat For Tasty Braaivleis and Pap

Add Aromat For Tasty Braaivleis and Pap

From eKapa to eMonti to Pitori and beyond, sonke siyazi ukuthi when it comes to legendary Mzansi meals, pap and braaivleis is a match made in taste heaven. Whether uthand’ ichicken dust, wors, gizzard kebabs or steaks, there are so many tasty braai options for you to pair with your pap to make a tasty and filling meal.While we all know how ncaa a braai day can be, what if there was a way to make your braai even better? And no, we’re not talking about having the right music or making sure amajita arrive on time.

While those are also important to ensure a lekker braai, when we talk about making your braai better, we’re talking about turning up the flavour of your shisanyama.If you’re wondering how it could be possible to make your pap and braaivleis even more mnandi, look no further than the #unbelievableflavour of Aromat. Want to know more about how you can take your pap and braai meat from tasty to too nice? Then read on because Aromat has the answers!

Making Your Pap & Braaivleis Even Better

Some people have asked that kahle kahle when it comes to cooking, what can you put Aromat in? The answer? Everything mntase! From breakfasts to burgers and spykos to salads, no matter the food, once you fa-fa the feel-good flavour of Aromat you can transform it into a dish that’s filled with deliciousness. With your pap and braaivleis it’s no different because you can fa-fa any of the Aromat range of seasonings to your braai meat or let the flavour combos communicate with a monate pap and Aromat Original pairing.

Whichever way you choose to do it, you can always trust Aromat to add unbelievable flavour to your pap and braaivleis because #AromatNeGawulo should never be apart.If you’re wondering, ‘how do you use Aromat in cooking for braais?’, here are some top tips on ways to use Aromat spice to add feel-good flavour to your pap and braaivleis for an unbelievably tasty braai.

Fa-fa Unbelievable Flavour To Your Braai Food

Try these tricks to turn up the tastiness at your next braai.

  • Marinate your meat - To make sure your braai meat tastes mnandi. The day before or the morning of your braai, place your meat in a bowl and season and marinade your meat with some Aromat. For chicken, fa-fa some Aromat Peri-Peri and Aromat Original Seasoning for flavour so good it will lift your mood! For red meat or fish, go for Aromat Chilli Beef and Aromat Original Seasoning for unbelievably tasty braaivleis.
  • Season your pap - If you’ve ever wondered, ‘is Aromat better than salt?’, give pap and Aromat a try and let the unbelievable taste do the talking! For mouth-watering pap, when you’re cooking it, make sure you add some Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning to transform your pap with mnandi flavour. Or if you’re feeling fancy, fa-fa some Aromat Cheese Seasoning for a delicious twist that will impress all your shisanyama guests!

Whether you’re the braai master for the day or just a guest, sonke siyazi that i-braai without Aromat iyashoda. So do the right thing at your next braai and fa-fa some unbelievable Aromat flavour because by now you know that braaivleis, pap and Aromat should never be apart!

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