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5 Things You Should Know About Buying A Wok

5 Things You Should Know About Buying A Wok

So if you’re trying to keep those extra pounds at bay over the colder months, consider adding a wok to your cookware collection. Read on for tips on choosing and caring for a wok.

Flat Or Round Bottom
If you go to a store with a vast variety, you’ll notice that some woks have a round base, others have a flat base. If you cook on a conventional electric stove top, you want to opt for the flat base. A rounded base wok reflects heat back on the element, causing damage over time. If you cook with gas, a round bottom wok or flat bottom wok will work.

A wok isn’t a piece of kitchenware you need to spend a lot of money on. A standard carbon steel wok is the choice of most Asian food fanatics, and comes at an affordable price. There are many versions, in various materials, which cost more, but won’t make a difference to the way your food turns out.

If you’re umming and ahing about making the purchase, here’s our input. A wok is a versatile piece of cookware that can do much more than just stir-fry. It’s perfect for deep-frying springrolls, crispy pork and prawn crackers. Lie a whole fish on crisscrossed chopsticks, for the perfect steamer or add a bamboo basket to steam dumplings.

The Maiden Voyage
Many woks have an almost invisible film which protects it while on the shelf in store. You have to remove this film before using it for the first time. Follow the instructions on the packaging to remove this film.

Care And Maintenance
To clean your wok, avoid any hard scrubbing. Instead use a soft sponge. And many expert cooks swear by not even using any soap in the water. Once clean, dry and lastly rub a light coat of vegetable oil over the metal to prevent it from rusting while in the cupboard. The more you use a wok, the better it performs.

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