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5 Secret Spice Combinations for the Perfect Braai

5 Secret Spice Combinations for the Perfect Braai

Keep Your Tastebuds Entertained With Braai Spices

Who doesn’t love a braai? And with load shedding an ongoing challenge in South Africa, this method of cooking is not only delicious but practical! No one can resist the smell of meat on the coals, and often, a braai is just what the doctor ordered after a stressful day at work. Something about the flames and aromas relaxes the mind and wets the appetite. Not to mention that it’s also a great way to bring friends and family together.

Many believe that a braai is all and only about the meat, but the right braai spice mix is just as important to help you achieve an array of interesting and enjoyable flavours. Braai spices go a long way in enhancing the taste of food, and luckily, you’ve come to the experts, Robertsons, to help you on your spice journey. In this article we’ll share five secret spice combinations that will liven up your next meal.

The Best Braai Spices For Every Type Of Meat

Whether you’re braaiing lamb chops or chicken sosaties, the right seasoning can make or break a braai. If braaiing is something you do frequently you can easily become bored using the same spice combination or start to panic if you find your favourite seasoning out of stock, or worse, discontinued.

So, fear no more, here are the best spices for braai meat you can find. Enjoy our choice of top combinations:

  • Fragrant rosemary, paprika & chicken spice
  • Braai master’s red meat rub
  • Buttered seafood braai mix
  • Sweet & savoury spice blend
  • Fabulous fiery braai spice

Fragrant Rosemary, Paprika & Chicken Spice

Few herbs are as aromatic as Rosemary. Add one teaspoon of Paprika to the mix and you have a savoury smokiness that conjures up images of tango dancing and Sangria.

This braai mix works a charm with chicken, but poultry also needs saltiness so add in Robertsons Chicken Spice to really seal the deal on this braai spice mix. Whether you are braaiing spatchcock chicken or kebabs, this delicious combo is sure to be a winner. This mix can also be used on lamb chops - just replace the chicken spice with freshly ground salt and pepper. Yum!

Braai Master’s Red Meat Rub

This spice blend is perfect for red meat such as fillet steaks, beef sirloin and boerewors.

  • Combine 3 tbsp of Robertsons Masterblends Spicy Shisanyama with 1 tsp of Coriander
  • Mix this with olive oil and freshly chopped parsley to create a spicy rub
  • Massage the rub into your red meat and let it marinate. This will allow the flavours to penetrate the meat and give you maximum flavour when you start grilling

This secret spice mix is so delicious it will earn you the title of king (or queen) of the braai amongst your awestruck companions.

Buttered Seafood Braai Mix

We are fortunate in South Africa to have some of the best seafood in the world on our shores. From geelbek fillets and our national fish, galjoen, to crayfish, mussels, and prawns, we have seafood in abundance. For the best spice mix for a seafood braai try this:

  • Mix 1 tsp of Thyme with 1 tsp of Sage in a mug
  • Add 3 tbsp of butter
  • Melt the butter in the microwave with the herbs
  • Add ½ tsp of Garlic Flakes and 1 tsp of Robertsons Lemon Pepper seasoning
  • Use a basting brush to cover the seafood with this flavourful paste before placing it on the grill

Top Tip: Remember to serve fish with fresh lemon wedges and a sprig of parsley for extra freshness.

Sweet & Savoury Spice Blend

Another fantastic braai spice mix that tastes heavenly on burger patties and boerewors is a savoury spice blend of the following:

This sweet and savoury mixture coats the meat and caramelises over the coals. It is no wonder that this is a firm favourite amongst the younger members of the family.

Fabulous Fiery Braai Spice

If it’s pork chops you’re braaiing, this spice mix is for you.

There you have it! Five secret spice combinations for you to try out at your next braai.

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