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Green Salad & Dressing

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This is called a green salad for tradition’s sake, but actually, it’s much more interesting than that. It features mint, onion, romaine lettuce, and an alchemy of dressings to make it far more than the sum of its parts.

Preparation time


2 romaine lettuce
3 tomatoes
2 cucumber
1 red onion
3 pitta breads oven dry broken into pieces
20 grams white sesame seeds
10 grams black sesame seeds
25 grams zaatar
1 lime juice
10 grams olive oil
2 grams salt
black pepper to taste

Preparation method

Wash and dry the leaves, rip them with your hands into irregular pieces. Store. Cut the tomatoes, cucumber and onions into medium cubes. Put the salad together mix in the ingredients with your hands and seasoning with the sesames and Zahtar. Season with olive oil, lime and salt.

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