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Creamy Mushroom Flavoured Samp

Creamy Mushroom Flavoured Samp

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Creamy Mushroom Flavoured Samp

Preparation time


2 cups samp, washed and soaked overnight
1 tbsp Robertsons garlic salt
2 tbsp Knorr Cream of Mushroom Soup

Preparation method

Drain the samp after soaking overnight and place it in a large pot, then cover it with clean water and Robertsons Garlic Salt
Allow it to simmer slowly until it’s nearly soft
Check your dish every 30 minutes to see if it needs more water and stir frequently to stop it from catching on the bottom of the pot
Allow to simmer slowly until the water has evaporated, stirring occasionally
The samp and beans should have a creamy, soft texture
Mix the Knorr Cream of Mushroom Soup with 4 tablespoons of water to make a smooth paste then add it to the samp and allow it to cook for another 5 minutes
Serve with any meat or vegetable dish


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