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Do More With Soup

Knorr is all about mouth-watering and flavourful yumm-in-your-tumm goodness. Our Soup packets do just that, with a variety of different wholesome flavours such as Brown Onion, Minestrone, Chakalaka and so much more – we’ve got all the variety you and your meals need.

Speaking of variety – whether it is giving your meals a flavour boost or thickening them with our Soups, show off by exploring any of our 17 flavours. As you salivate and devour, keep in mind that our Soups can be enjoyed as stand-alone meals, or added to your sishebo, stew, curry and gravy – perfect for you and your family anytime and anyplace.

As we spend some more time in the kitchen chopping, seasoning and spicing up hearty meals, our flavour agenda still hasn’t changed. #DoMoreWithSoup and unlock the yummy limitless ways to excite and tickle your taste buds with Knorr Soups. Your kitchen, your rules – and if you’re still trying to figure out “What’s for dinner?”, here are a couple of amazingly tasty ways to enjoy our Soups on your menu.

There are so many ways to show your people some wholesome, tasty love with Knorr in your kitchen. Stay inspired and create magic – one creamy Knorr-filled meal at a time.

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