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Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

When Richard Hellmann whisked up his first batch of mayonnaise in a New York deli more than 100 years ago, he couldn’t have known how this simple dressing would become the go-to ingredient in kitchens across the world. He proudly marked his jars of Hellmann’s mayonnaise by tying a blue ribbon around them. This was his sign of premium quality. Today, the signature blue ribbon is still reflected on the label of every bottle of Hellmann’s. It shows our ongoing commitment to offering our customers a top-class product made with simple, real ingredients.

Over the years, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise has expanded from its original home in the United States to countries around the world. In 1961, it started making its way to the United Kingdom and countries in Latin America and today, you can find jars of deliciously creamy Hellmann’s mayonnaise in most South African stores.

Our well-balanced mayonnaise makes good food great. Whether a dollop or drizzle, the delicious taste and creamy texture of Hellmann’s mayonnaise brings out the best in any food. From salads to burgers, chips to chicken, our mayonnaise elevates the taste of everything it touches.

We’re dedicated to real food enjoyed by real people. Our jars are filled with creamy richness, unmistakable taste and the smooth texture you’ve come to love. Carefully crafted with natural, sustainable and simple ingredients, our mayonnaise is just feel-good, honest food.

The Secret Is in Our Quality Ingredients and Great Taste

At Hellmann’s South Africa, only real, quality ingredients will do. It’s why our mayonnaise is proudly made from sustainable sources, because wholesome and authenticity is what we‘re all about. We use premium ingredients like 100% cage-free eggs and responsibly sourced oil, rich in essential Omega-3. This helps create Hellmann’s signature creamy smoothness.


While not the main ingredient at the table, Hellmann’s mayonnaise is very often the hero. We’re passionate about keeping things real, but never bland. Our mayonnaise has even been known to transform cakes, making them extra-moist and decadent. Get inspired by our range of tasty recipes, crafted in honour of the incredible journey Richard Hellmann started all those decades ago in his humble Manhattan deli.


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