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Make Fun Smoothies with Spring Fruits and Veggies

Make Fun Smoothies with Spring Fruits and Veggies

Make Fun Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to pack healthy vitamins and minerals into one delicious drink. They are great for adults and kids alike and you can use almost any fruits and vegetables you have at home and let your creativity go wild. Or you can follow these great fruit smoothie recipes as a guide on making yummy smoothies that the whole family will devour!

Take a look at our favourite fun smoothie recipes to try at home. Get the children involved in making smoothies too by allowing them to choose their own combinations every now and then. Just be careful of little fingers and smoothie maker blades!

What Fruits and Vegetables Go Well Together in a Smoothie?

Whilst you can use almost anything for fruit and veggie smoothie recipes, there are a few combinations of produce that eternally go well together. We’ve split our favourite fruit and veg smoothie recipes into our top five, according to colour.

What are the Best Fruit and Veggie Smoothie Mixes?

Go Green

This delightful clean, green smoothie recipe packs a punch when it comes to nutrients and vitamins. It combines spinach with mango, which is a wonderful fruit and veggie combo, with added coconut water for additional flavour.

View The Cleanest, Greenest Smoothie Ever recipe now.

Hide the Goodness

If you heard you were having an avocado smoothie, you might run a mile. The cool thing about this combo is the smoothie is overpowered by the delicious flavour and colour of blueberries, so you wouldn’t even know you’re eating a healthy avo too.

Bananas with Everything

Bananas tend to bring a delicious sweetness to most smoothies that children and adults love. Try combining bananas with vegetables like kale or spinach for a yummy and nutrient-dense morning smoothie.

A Minty Touch

Mint and cucumber are a perfect veggie and herb combo. Throw in a delectable, fresh green apple and you have a smoothie recipe that’s refreshing. If you or the kids don’t like bits in your smoothie, be sure to peel the apple first before blitzing it in.

Unusual But Delicious

An unusual combination that you probably didn’t think of before is sweet potato and banana. Steam your cubed sweet potato first to make a sweet, soft puree and then add bananas and dates to create a breakfast smoothie recipe that is to-die-for. For more fun, healthy smoothie recipes and other great meal ideas, visit whatsfordinnner today.

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