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Ideas on what Makes a Perfect Braai

Ideas on what Makes a Perfect Braai

What Makes a Perfect Braai?

As South Africans, we’re all pretty accustomed to braaiing from the start of spring to the end of autumn, give or take a few weeks. The real committed ones will even braai right through winter too. Braaiing forms part of many South Africans weekend schedules and most good parties start with a braai invitation.

But how can you avoid braai fatigue, where you become sick of the same old foods and the same old recipes being served at every braai? We’ve got a few tips on how to create the perfect braai that won’t be boring in the least. Here are our best braai ideas for trying something new at every braai.

What to Prepare for a Braai?

There are the untouchable staples that should appear at every braai which includes meat, starch, salads or vegetables, and something sweet to finish off the meal. We don’t recommend messing with that winning formula, but you can get creative with what you serve in those categories. Here’s how:

How to Make the Perfect Braai?

Here are our suggestions for the best braai recipes that will have your guests talking about your scrumptious meal for weeks after it’s done.

A Good Selection of Sides

Sides really do make the meal, even though the meat you’re braaiing might be the hero. When it comes to sides, you can go with the traditional green salad and potato salad but to avoid braai-fatigue, why not try one of these great braai ideas for side dish recipes that your guests will love.

Choose a variety of meats

Just because you’re serving beef doesn’t have to mean you can’t offer pork, chicken or even fish on the menu too. Spice up your braai grid with an array of meat options for your guests to try. Here are a few recipes to try that use different meat options:

What’s for Dessert?

Now, dessert is where Mom can really come alive in the kitchen, creating something mouth-watering to serve after Dad is done with the braaiing. These chilli chocolate brownies can be made in advance which saves you time having to bake while you have guests. You can serve the brownies with traditional vanilla ice cream or even a drizzle of some good old South African Amarula.

View the full Chilli Chocolate Brownies recipe now.

For more interesting braai ideas and other great recipes, visit whatsfordinnner today.

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