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Facts About Curry You Didn't Know

Facts About Curry You Didn't Know

Spices have been revered around the world for hundreds of years. The deep aromatic properties along with the many health benefits of spices, have earned curry powder a special place in modern cooking, such as cardamom and turmeric have elevated the world of spices through its colourful history and into the modern day. Curry powder is a blend of different spices used to create a spicy sauce to be served with just about anything.

So, What Mysteries Lie Behind This Beloved Blend, Here Are Some Facts You May Not Know About Curry Powder:

While there is a huge market for whole spices worldwide, curry powder is a convenient, professionally chosen blend that is sold commercially around the world. To get the most out of your hot curry powder, its best to toast the spices lightly by frying gently in oil for a minute or two. This releases the deep flavours of the spices. The word ‘curry’ is believed to have derived from the Tamil word ‘kari’ meaning spiced sauce.

The earliest known curries are believed to have been created in Mesopotamia in around 1700 BC. Chilli powder is a common ingredient in curry powder. Chilli is recognised as the world’s most popular spice. It is especially revered for its medicinal uses. It helps combat heart attacks and strokes and is a natural blood thinner. It’s often the central ingredient in curry powder.

Curry is a favourite dish for many around the world and there are so many variations of this delicious savoury dish. Curry powder is a household staple and can be used in all sorts of dishes to create a deeply aromatic taste. From chakalaka recipes to curried mince and vegetables this delicious blend of spices is the perfect accompaniment to just about any meal.

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