Thai Chicken Strips and Spinach with Almond Couscous

Thai Chicken Strips and Spinach with Almond Couscous

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Don't have much time to cook or want to spend time away from the kitchen? Then cous cous is the answer! This satisfying meal will be ready to serve in 35 minutes!

  • Recipe serves4
  • Preparation time15 minutes
  • Cooking time35 minutes


  • 100 Gram Baby spinach leaves, washed
  • 1 Sachet Knorr Thai Green Chicken Curry Dry Cook-in-Sauce
  • 250 Millilitre low fat milk
  • 400 Millilitre water
  • 400 Gram chicken fillet, cut into strips
  • 1 Onion, sliced
  • 15 Millilitre Cooking oil
  • 250 Millilitre Couscous
  • 1 KNORR Chicken Stock Pot
  • 250 Millilitre boiling water
  • 15 Millilitre olive oil
  • 30 Gram Flaked almonds, lightly toasted in the oven


  • Heat oil in a pan add the onion and cook until soft.
  • Add the chicken strips and fry until well browned then add the water and milk and stir in the contents of the sachet of Knorr Thai Green Chicken Curry Dry Cook-in-Sauce.
  • Bring to the boil while stirring then reduce the heat and allow to simmer uncovered for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • In the mean time dissolve the KNORR Chicken Stock Pot in the boiling water, pour this over the dry couscous, add the olive oil and stir.
  • Cover with cling film and allow to steam for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes remove the cling film and fluff up the cous cous with a fork to separate the grains.
  • When the chicken is ready stir in the baby spinach and allow to wilt in the sauce.
  • Spoon the chicken on top of the couscous and sprinkle the toasted almonds over.
  • Serve and enjoy!