Mini Mince Croquettes

Mini Mince Croquettes

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Impress your friends and family with these Dutch-style mini croquettes – they make the perfect starter or look great on a party platter.

  • Recipe serves10
  • Preparation time10 minutes
  • Cooking time60 minutes


  • 15 ml Margarine
  • ½ KNORR Savoury Mince Dry Cook-in-Sauce
  • 25 g Cake flour
  • 100 g Breadcrumbs
  • KNORR Sweet chilli sauce, for dipping
  • 400 g Extra lean beef mince
  • 200 ml Cold water
  • 2 Eggs
  • Oil, for frying


  • Heat margarine in a pan and fry the mince until well browned and cooked through.
  • Add the ½ sachet of KNORR Savoury Mince Dry Cook-in-Sauce Cook-in-Sauce together with 200 ml cold water and stir through the cake flour.
  • Allow to simmer until most of the liquid has evaporated.
  • Transfer the mince to a bowl and allow to cool in the fridge until firm.
  • In a shallow bowl beat the eggs lightly with a fork, place the breadcrumbs in another bowl.
  • Shape the mince into 20 small balls and roll in breadcrumbs, then in the beaten egg and then in the breadcrumbs again.
  • Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the croquettes 6 at a time for 3-4 minutes until brown and crisp.
  • Drain on paper towel and arrange the mini croquettes on a serving dish and serve with KNORR Sweet Chilli Sauce.