Traditional Sousboontjies

Traditional Sousboontjies

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A family favourite with a twist - but make plenty and store for the days ahead.

  • Recipe serves2-4
  • Preparation time720 minutes
  • Cooking time150 minutes


  • 500 g Dried beans (preferably kidney, but sugar or butter will do)
  • 1 KNORR Country Hot Pot Dry Cook-in-Sauce
  • 120 ml Sugar
  • 2.5 ml Robertsons Pepper to taste
  • 2 Large rashers of bacon
  • 30 ml Vinegar
  • 2 ml Robertsons Salt
  • Tomato sauce to taste


  • Soak the beans overnight.
  • Wash them then boil in fresh water with the bacon rashers for about 2 hours or until soft.
  • While cooking, check that there is enough water to just cover the beans or drain a little if necessary.
  • In a jug combine the remaining ingredients and add them to the beans, cooking for a further 10-15 minutes, stirring frequently.
  • Remove the bacon before serving.
  • May be served hot or cold, or can be bottled in sterilised jars.