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Something For Everyone

A great way to make the time fly by on a cold winter day is with awesome arts and crafts.

A great way to make the time fly by on a cold winter day is with awesome arts and crafts. Fun and creative, they offer everyone something to do with their time – all that counts is what you make! So, we have put together a collection of our favourite arts and crafts for you and your family to enjoy. Browse through this versatile list and we promise you’ll find something for every one of your family members.

Strips and Bits

Unlike drawing or painting a beautiful image, torn paper pictures offer a brand new challenge to all who decide to create them. And all you need is a handful of colourful A4 paper, your hands and some glue. What to do: pick one A4 sheet to be the background colour of your image, tear the shapes you need from the additional pages, and put them together as an image. It’s that simple!

Frame by Frame

This might sound hard, but it is actually very simple. Stop-motion is a video made up of photographs, which allows you to make some very creative ideas come to life. For example, you can suspend the laws of physics by tying a ball to some fishing line and photographing it spinning in mid-air. Then you use those photos to make a simple video on any video editing software (iMovie). Google ‘Stop-Motion’ to learn more.

Handprint People

This oddly charming exercise is another fun riddled way to spend an afternoon. What you need is some newspaper (make sure there’s enough), colourful paper and paint (that’s easy to clean), red felt, glue, googley eyes and cotton balls. What to do: have each family member grab a colourful piece of paper, paint one of their hands and press it down on their chosen page. 

While the paint dries, cut out hair from the red felt, and when the paint is dry glue them to the paper. Then add a cotton ball to the hat’s tip, googley eyes to the hand print and presto! You have a handprint Santa.