Chef Wendy

KNORR Sauces and Gravies

Chef Wendy's top tips for making the most of our KNORR Sauces and Gravies.

KNORR Sauces and Gravies are not only delicious, but also so convenient because they’re really quick and easy to prepare. Read on for expert hints!

1. For best results when you're making up a KNORR sauce or gravy, FIRST place the dry contents of the sachet into a measuring jug, THEN fill with water exactly up to the 250 ml mark.

2. For an extra creamy and indulgent KNORR sauce, fill your measuring jug up to the 250 ml mark with hot milk instead of water.  

3. Want to make your KNORR Sauce or Gravy a little richer? Add a tablespoon of margarine once it’s prepared.

4. Add that personal touch to your KNORR gravy by stirring in some freshly chopped herbs.

5. Use our delicious KNORR Classic White Sauce as a base for any sauce you can imagine. For example, prepare as per on-pack instructions and stir in some sautéed mushrooms and crumbled blue cheese.

6. Turn up the flavour of your burger or toasted sandwich by adding your favourite KNORR Sauce.

7. Impress your dinner guests by using KNORR Sauce as a dip, or drizzling KNORR Gravy onto chips and roasted vegetables.

8. Mix up the flavour by trying a different KNORR Sauce or Gravy with every meal. There are 9 delicious sauces and 6 equally delicious gravies to choose from.  

Eight awesome family recipes using KNORR Sauces and Gravies: 

1. Fragrant Lamb and Apricot Stew

2. Cheddar Mushroom and Black Pepper Pies

3. Roast Chicken with a Mushroom and Bacon Stuffing

4. Cheesy Corn Stuffed Gemsquash

5. Baked Fish with a Creamy Cheese Sauce 

6. Toad in the Hole

7. Baked Potato Skins with Mushroom Cheese and Bacon

8. Spicy Roasted Drumsticks with Cheesy Cauliflower and Broccoli Bake