Happy Kids

Wonderful Weekday Learning

Making learning fun with the help of some tasty ingredients!

Week days come with something that no kids enjoy – home work. So we’re making learning fun with the help of some tasty ingredients!


Want to get your kid confident with words? Make a yummy dish in the kitchen together and ask him or her to read out the instructions to you. When you’re done, you can eat the tasty treat together! We recommend our Macaroni Cheese with Cherry Tomatoes.  


If your kid is struggling with maths we know just the thing to improve their fractions… pizza! Make the pizza as usual and then demonstrate fractions by progressively cutting it in halves, then four slices and then eight. Get the kids involved by giving them their own mini pizza to try creating fractions themselves. Our Home-made Mini Pizzas are ideal!  


Make the five food groups easy to understand as you cook. It’s easy. Just show your kids an example of each as you add it to the pot on the stove. Every now and then ask him or her to pass you an ingredient from a particular group to test them. You can start by making our delicious Chicken Enchiladas.  


Letting your kids’ imaginations run wild is an important part of developing their minds too. Bake our Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pie then give the left over pastry to them to decorate the top before you put it in the oven. Tell them they can do whatever they want. Then ask them about their creation when they’re done.