KNORR - Flavour Of Home

Watch a mother’s epic journey across the Arctic to bring her daughter the flavour of home.


At KNORR, our purpose is to bring flavour to people’s lives. We believe flavour is more than just about food, it is about emotions, life’s meaningful moments and loved ones, and of course the delicious food we enjoy with them. Flavour is something to be celebrated.

Flavour has the power to transport us, make us feel special, nostalgic and fill our heart with love. So flavour is amazing, but what is the greatest flavour on earth?

Our film captures the true story of a mother and daughter, and reveals that the greatest flavour on earth is in fact the taste of home. 


Meet Carmen, from Portsmouth, England. She grew up in a family where meals held a special place at the heart of the home. Now, she works in the arctic, where this home cooked food is just a happy memory.

She started work there over three years ago. Life in the Arctic has its challenges, but Carmen loves the place. However she really misses her mum and her family. So, unknown to Carmen, we sent her mum from Portsmouth to the arctic and captured the journey in our film: KNORR - Flavour of Home.

Watch the film and join Carmen’s mum on the journey as she brings her daughter the greatest flavour on Earth: the taste of home.