Super Autumn Soups for You

Amazing soups to keep you warm for Winter.

Soup has got to be one of the best culinary ideas ever! Versatile, delicious and oh-so-easy to make, soup offers an extraordinary array of flavours for you and yours to wolf down, whether it’s warm or cold outside. Plus, it’s a great way to save money. Here are four delectable dishes from our soup-lection for you to peruse. 

Go Large!

There is no reason not to always make far, far too much soup than you need. You can eat it fresh, freeze it for a rainy day, use it as the base for another dish, or even give away what you don’t want to those in need without incurring a serious cost. And there is no reason not to, especially when you make Rich Beef Goulash Soup. It has everything: Meat, carrots, onions, paprika, potatoes, and endless flavour.  

Farewell Flu

Another famous fact about great soup is that it’s the only food that will help anyone who gets sick! So, just to make sure you know what to do if one of your family members comes down with the flu, we suggest that you make Roast Chicken Soup. A healthy feast that requires very little ingredients, it’s easy to make, easier to eat and certain to put some colour back on their cheeks.

Ready and Able 

To plan ahead for a long week, especially one with a topsy-turvy weather forecast, the best thing to do is make a huge pot of Homemade Vegetable Soup. It’s the easiest way to make sure that your home will never fall short in the food department and your family will be able to eat something delicious and nutritious every day of the week.  

Make it Thaisty

A autumn’s colder climate sets in, one way to fight back against the nightly chill and brisk wind is with a bowl of Spicy Thai Butternut Soup. Big on flavour and even bigger on family appeal, this Asian take on one of the world’s favourite soups, is a great way to introduce your family to slightly spicier foods. Or, if your family is made up of chilli fanatics, you can turn up the heat accordingly to deliver a deliciously hot dinner.