Happy Kids

Foodtivities for the Whole Family

Here are some great food activities for the family to participate in. 

Food and science might not seem like a match made in heaven, but they are perfect for each other! 

While children are growing up, they spend a lot of time wondering about their food – how it’s made, why it has a funny shape, what actually makes it ‘food’ - and this naturally leads to some sort of experimentation. Use this to your benefit by playing into their hands, because every moment your kids spend playing is a moment they spend learning, and that’s invaluable. 

Floating Eggs

This age-old trick is a really simple, fun way for you to spend time with your child, especially because all you need is, one egg, water, salt and a tall drinking glass. 

What you do is: 

1) Pour water into the glass until it’s half full. 

2) Stir in about 6 tablespoons of salt. 

3) Carefully pour more water into the glass until it’s almost full. 

And 4) gently lower the egg into the glass to watch it float. 

Show your kids once, and then let them try it by on their own.

Test your Taste Buds

One of the best ways to introduce your kids to new food is Test your Taste Buds. To play it, blindfold your child and put a variety of different and dissected food in front of them on a plate. 

Then, ask them to pick up a piece of food, take a bite, and tell you what it is. Once they have tasted everything give them a delicious reward for every morsel they got right. You’ll be amazed at how inquisitive they became while you play.  


It is rather rare to find a child who doesn’t like eating chocolate, which makes Chocsperiment fun for almost every child on the planet. 

To play it, grab a few inexpensive slabs from the store and take them home. 

Then prepare some questions for your little one to answer and prove. 

Ask them things like: How long it takes for chocolate to melt in your hand? 

What happens when chocolate is mixed with milk and left in the freezer? 

And, does chocolate melt in the shade? 

If you keep coming up with questions, you’re in for hours of fun.