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Awesome Autumn Family Activities

Fun Family Activities for Autumn.

Sometimes, autumn is going to make it difficult for your kids to entertain themselves – other than with the TV. Probably because of the rain, or wind, they won’t be able to play outside, but they need to exercise their brains, and put their bodies to good use. So, here are three ways for them to do so.

Go For Broke

Autumn is the beginning of the colder months of the year, and for some, it spells much more than just boredom. With this in mind, gather your family together and do a little bit of charity work. Set up an assembly line on the dining room table and make as many peanut butter and jam sandwiches as possible for those in need. You’ll teach your kids a great lesson, and have tons of fun together. 

Game On!

While you’re sitting together at dinner, play a few games of Finish the Story. Create a random character and tell the table a little bit about them (“John, the dragon slayer, walked towards…), then leave room for someone else to add on to the tale (“…a giant Jelly Bean car, driven by…”), and keep it going until somebody runs out of ideas. When they do, they lose! And you can make them do all of dinner’s dishes. This is a great way to exercise a child’s imagination.

Leaf it to me

This is a classic way to have fun in autumn. Ask your kids to go outside and pick up all of the most colourful natural objects they can find in the garden – leaves, pine cones, grass, etc. Once they come back, collect it all and separate it into different colours. Now, give each of them a paper plate with some glue, and ask them to make something! They can make all kinds of cool and crazy creations by sticking nature’s gifts onto the plates without making too much mess.