Cooking with the colours of the season

Be inspired by the beauty of Autumn.

Autumn is one of the most colourful times of the year, and it’s only right that you’re inspired by the beauty of the season. The darker colours should remind you of your favourite stew, and the lighter colours of each vegetable you use in a casserole. It’s time for your house to smell like your food doesn’t want to wait to be eaten. Not for one minute. 

The Mash Up

A side dish you might wish to try is certainly this Sage and Nutmeg Butternut Mash. So smooth and charming, it’s just the way we like it. In fact, it might be something you’d like to enjoy when you’re at home alone. It’s serving size is naturally, quite versatile, so you can make it for one, or one hundred. It’s up to you!

Traditional Triumphs

A fine, fine way to enjoy an evening is cuddled up on the couch no that the occasionally dreary night has emerged again. There are few greater experiences than catching up on your family’s favourite TV show, with a big bowl of Traditional Beef Stroganoff in front of you. 

A Perfect Palate 

An alternative to the old-favourites is this spectacular Hearty Vegetable Stew with Parmesan Dumplings. When you first make it for your family, they may not know what to say – it’s a wee bit unusual. But, after one bite, expect them to chant your name around the dinner table; this is the meal you make to honour autumn!