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Tips and tricks to save time

Four tips to help you cut down your cooking time. 

Cutting down your cooking time at the end of a long day is actually much easier than you think, as long as you have the right tips and tricks up your sleeve. As crazy as it sounds, you can very easily walk into your home, prepare a spectacular meal in just 30 minutes, and have more than enough time to hang out with your family before it’s time to go to bed - seriously! Here are four tips to help you do it. 

Super Staples

It’s important to have a family favourite or two these meals in your recipe vault for two reasons. One, comfort; like Pepper Steak Pie, and two, reliability; like Traditional Chicken A La King. These are meals your kids can rely on all of their lives, and become a part of your family’s DNA. 

Cutting Corners

This may sound counter-intuitive, but if you wake up really early and prepare the ingredients you need for when you get home, you can cut a lot or culinary corners.

Vegetable Pasta Pillows is a perfect example of this. Slicing and dicing the veggies in the morning and then cooking everything when you get home, will save you tons of time in the evening. 

Bacon it Better

When there isn’t enough time to cook chicken or red meat for meal you’ve planned for dinner, there’s always enough time to cook up a lot of bacon! Almost everyone who can eat bacon loves it, and it tastes great with most day-to-day vegetables, especially in a Broccoli and Bacon Quiche. Try it and see for yourself. 

Freeze Your Food!

Preparing and freezing meals in advance is a fantastic formula for finding more time to enjoy the end of a day, and the only real question that comes with it is: What do you freeze? Well, Oven-Baked Bacon and Cheese Meatballs are a great place to start, and a meal you can always rely on. Enjoy!