In The Name Of Love

A few cues to help you on Valentine's Day.

For some unknown reason, some people do not see Valentine’s Day as a very important day of the year. And the last thing you need is a disappointing February 14th. So, this year we’re going to make sure you get exactly what you want. Read on for a few cues for you to let your other half know exactly what floats your boat.

Gawk And Talk

Discuss your favourite food and dessert with your partner as close to Valentine’s Day as possible. Don’t force the topic, but if you smell something you love or see something you would devour in a heartbeat, let them know! Explain why you love things like, Roast Lamb Shanks In A Tomato, Wine And Herb Sauce and the chances of your significant other making sure it lands up on the table in front of you are sure to increase.

Musical Meals

Sometimes the easiest way to make sure somebody remembers what you like, is by pairing it with something memorable. In this instance, it’s music. When you play a certain song – one that you or your partner likes, try and talk about the type of food you would match it with. Then, play the song more regularly and try to relive the topic subtly. You never know, your ‘song of the moment’ might just be the difference between a dozen roses, and a dozen roses alongside homemade Ricotta Stuffed Canneloni With Baby Marrows.

Plan Ahead

Instead of hoping to be surprised, talk to your partner about what you would like. While this might sound like taking the romance out of the occasion, it can also work in your favour, by giving you something specific to look forward to. You don’t have to know exactly what will be happening, but at the very least the two of you will be taking care of each other in a carefully considered, romantic manner.