Food For a New You!

Four incredible food resolutions that will make 2015 your best year.

At the beginning of every year, we make inspiring promises to ourselves about the personal changes we’re going to make. Except, it’s not always easy to follow through on everything we want to change; resolutions can be a lot of hard work. But, this year will be different! Read on for four incredible food resolutions that will make 2015 your best year.

Keep it Simple

The easiest way to accomplish your 2015 resolutions is to keep them very simple. And, when we say simple, we mean Simple Fish and Coconut Curry simple. Overcomplicated intentions have a way of becoming a pain in the rump, and delicious food doesn’t have to be. Make sure that you simplify all of your culinary changes for a healthier, happier, super satisfying 2015.

Lean, Mean, Protein

The world is protein crazy at the moment, and, for good reason. Eating protein rich food curbs sugar cravings and keeps you full for a good while longer than carbohydrates and junk food. Chickpeas, chicken, lamb, fish, dairy, beans; they’re all delicious! Try this Spicy Mint and Feta Chickpea Salad the next time you feel like a healthy midday snack.

Bad Habits

The meals we make at home can often be out of habit, and this year it’s time to change that. If you teach yourself a new, scrumptious recipe every month, like Pasta With Cream Cheese and Pork-Sausage Balls, you’ll have 12 new majestic meals in your bag of tricks by the end of the year. The only thing you have to decide on now is: do you go for the indulgent or the health-conscious? It’s up to you!

Eat The Rainbow

When it comes to eating Mother Nature’s sweet treats, most people have a favourite fruit or two that they tend to stick with. This year, do your best to branch out and explore the different tastes and textures that nature has to offer. You could really surprise yourself and discover a delicious snack you’ve never tried before, like Kiwis, Grapefruits or better yet, Blood Oranges.