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Tips to help you select the freshest, ripest ingredients! 

When you’re shopping for a very specific dish, it is unbelievably important that you select the freshest, ripest ingredients. If you buy your ingredients from a supermarket they will often identify these ingredients for you, but when you’re at a market, where food has the purest flavour, you need to know what you’re looking for. Read on for three excellent examples.


Finding the perfect avocado, in and out of season, can be a particularly tricky thing to do. In supermarkets they are often bruised (from copious amounts of people feeling them up) and at organic markets they’re usually in short supply. So, you need to know what you’re looking for.

You want: A slightly soft, slightly firm avo that has no dark bruising on the skin, ideal for Crunchy Chicken Sticks with Avocado and Sweet Corn.

A Melon of a Time

Perfect for the beach, by the pool or as a juicy goody, the watermelon is by far summer’s greatest fruit (and it's best vegetable too!). To make sure you find the perfect watermelon when you’re shopping, give one a relatively firm knock and listen out for a round, hollow sound. If you’re unsure about how ripe it is after that, pay attention to the patch where the melon would have been on the ground (called the field spot). If it's a yellow colour it’s probably ripe. If it's white, it's probably not.

Go Go Mango

Mango is delicious in many meals, such as this Lemon Butter Kingklip with A Chunky Mango Salsa, and determining how ripe a mango is constitutes four factors: Colour, Smell, Firmness and Weight. When it comes to colour and smell you need to look for a mango with a vibrant hue, and a sweet scent, whereas, with firmness and weight, be on the lookout for a mango that is starting to soften beautifully, and weighs a little more than most when you pick it up.