Happy Kids

Future Food

There are all sorts of fantastic sources of nutrients and vitamins in the world of food, and if your children learn about them early on they will enjoy a wonderfully 

diverse diet. Read on for four delightful meals you can add to your meal plan when you’re looking for something new to eat with your family.

Meat’s A Treat

Every now and again, take a break from eating meat. Meat is always delicious, we know, but you don’t need to eat it all the time. Rather introduce alternative meals into your family’s diet, such as this Mixed Mushroom Au Gratin, to teach your kids about the opportunities that await them when they're old enough to cook for themselves.  You could even incorporate this into your weekly meal plan, just as others do on #MeatFreeMonday.

Mega Omega

A seafood lunch on a beautiful day over the weekend is always a great idea! Seafood is a fantastic source of Omega-3 oils and other nutrients that the mind and body thrive on. Try this Creamy Tuna Cannelloni with Mozzarella to give your family a healthy dose of seafood that will have them scrambling back for more.

Your Home, Made

Homemade meals are a wonderful way to incorporate your entire family in the cooking process. Everyone gets their hands a little dirty with a different job and in no time at all you’ve got a beautiful meal ready for everyone to enjoy. Pull your family together to prepare a few of these delicious Saucy Rib Wraps on a sensational summer’s day.

Go Fruity!

Mother Nature’s naturally sweet side is the best dessert a family can get. Rather than bringing home a gigantic cake for your family to devour when you feel like spoiling them, buy a variety of delicious fruits, like litchis, mangos, watermelon and strawberries, and turn them into something delicious with a healthy twist. Think about making fruit salads, fruit kebabs, homemade fruit sorbet and fruit with a little bit of vanilla ice cream.