Absolute Braailiance

Delicious additions that can make a magical impact on any braai.

South Africans know that braais are the best way to prepare big, delicious family feasts, but we sometimes forget a very important part of this tradition: side dishes! These delicious additions can make a magical impact on any braai, and become the finishing touch to some really great meals. Here are three great ideas.

Vibrant Veg 

When you have mouths to feed you need to be a little bit creative. So, instead of running around the house doing your best to prepare two meals at once – one via the fire and one in the grill, do everything in one place, the braai. You can even make these incredible Honey Roasted Root Vegetables.

Sundried Flavour Bites

If unexpected people appear at braai time, it’s not always easy to accompany your braai meat with a side dish as delicious as your main dish. The next time you need to add something extra to a meal, try this Sundried Tomato, Butternut and Baby Spinach Pasta. It’s packed full of summer-time flavours that will compliment even the meatiest of meals. 

Raise a Rose

Before you rush out and buy stock standard rolls for your braai, think about this, Garlic and Rosemary Flatbread. It only takes 15 minutes to make and adds a completely new element to usual braai foods, like Boerie Rolls.