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Safety First, Fun Second

4 Things to consider when you’re preparing an outdoor feast

Summer food is totally different from winter food, and while it might be light on the belly, it comes with one or two scary realities. Like, running, jumping, skipping and braais – to name a few. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 4 things to consider when you’re preparing an outdoor feast.


Everyone knows that braais get really, really hot, but children aren’t always aware of the dangers that come with them. The coals, the lid, the sauce on this Peri-Peri Chicken, and even the braai tongs can all leave a mark on your little one. So, keep a pair of shoes for your kids nearby when you braai and make sure they don’t touch anything that will deliver an unwanted dose of heat. 

The Cut in Cutlery

Carrying cutlery outside is a pretty innocuous task to adults, but when it comes to children, mistakes can happen. And it’s simply because they aren’t aware of the hazards at hand. Have your kids help you prepare for an outdoor meal by asking them to lay all of the easy to hold, blunt items on the table. Then, slowly introduce more dangers items, like steak knives and carving forks, to their load as their confidence grows. 

Know Your Enemy

No matter what you do there will always be a bug that bugs your little bud when you eat outside. Keep insect repellent around at all times when you are outside, do regular tick inspections, and make sure you stay up to date on all allergies. One day you might save a young life. 

Sunsetive Skin 

The sun is back and it’s best we beware! Anything from SPF 15 and up will offer you adequate protection, but make sure you keep something strong for those rare 30 degree days. The last thing you want is to get burnt, or to burn one of these marvellous Deluxe Steak and Gorgonzola Rolls.