New Beginnings

The ‘happy medium’ season, Spring ushers in the perfect blend of cool and warm.

Make a Fresh Start! 

The ‘happy medium’ season, Spring ushers in the perfect blend of cool and warm. Spring is full of activity as people get rid of the old and embrace the new, fresh new colours emerge and we all seem to be filled with more energy and vitality. 

Kitchen Palette

Use the seasonal fruits (like strawberries, pears or pineapples) and other seasonal ingredients as your colour palette to breathe new life into your place settings, flower arrangements or serviette choices. Bright, breezy and bold tablecloths can also add a vibrant touch to an ordinary weekday meal.

Start Afresh 

Be even more inspired by the arrival of Spring, with a spring clean! We like to think of Spring as a good excuse to leave the old behind and embrace the new – plus you can give your old goods (kitchenware, clothes and furniture) to those in need. Here are 4 Fun Ways to Spring Clean

Spring in your step 

As flowers start budding, blossoms burst open and birds start chirping, we all get a little bit of an extra spring in our step. Along with this, fresher food gives us more energy, while heavier wintery foods can make us feel more weighed down and sluggish. The Vitamin D we get from sunshine also makes us happier and our bones stronger. 

Dressed for Success 

We want to make cooking and meal preparation as easy for you as possible. Bringing a bit more of a ‘no-fuss’ attitude and practical mind-set into the kitchen isn’t as difficult as before, when you have easy solutions to choose from like our wide range of salad dressings. Each variant adds delicious flavour to each dish, whether it’s a potato salad, a creamy coleslaw side salad or a Sweet Chilli and Paw-Paw Salad