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Greens for Kids

Salads can be creative and delicious too.

The Evolution of Salad

A great way to get healthy is by making delicious salads with tasty ingredients, taking ‘green’ to a whole new level of scrumptious. Salads can be creative and delicious too – with fruits and yummy dressings or sauces, and kids can toss it all together! 

Salad Culture 

Salad can be ingrained into a person’s lifestyle, and the more one prepares them, the more possibilities seem to surface! Introducing different types of salads to kids will open their minds to the fact that salads can be more substantial than lettuce leaves. For example, here is a delicious KNORR Four Bean Salad.


A fruity type of salad can be more of a hit with children than plain old-fashioned salads. Cut up watermelon and crunchy iceberg lettuce and crumble some feta over the top for a healthy, sweet and refreshing salad. You could also try raw vegetables such as broccoli (or sliced cucumber) mixed with our KNORR Light Yoghurt and Herb Salad Dressing.

Toss and Turn

Salads are fun to make, so just get all your ingredients and place them in a very large bowl. Get your kids to wash their hands thoroughly before asking them to toss the salad, either with their hands or with salad spoons. They’ll love this, plus you can educate them on the ingredients as they mix each one in.