Easy Dinner Recipes For Kids

Happy Kids

Spring has Sprung

With the winter days getting a little bit warmer, this is a good opportunity to bring colour into your kitchen with fresh and easy recipes and creative ideas. This will get your kids excited about the change of seasons. 

Why not use food colouring and bright spring flowers to add fresh ideas to your kitchen, celebrate the seasons by exploring the garden? You could also attempt a little veggie/herb garden with the kids.

Love Colour

Food must be one of the most creative things around! Let your kids use their imagination and ask them to create a rainbow using vegetables and fruit that have been pre-sliced and see what they come up with. They can either eat their rainbow, or pack it for school the next day. 

Explore the Garden

Spring is peeking around the corner, and this season is one that kids love! Go for a walk in the garden and see what interesting and colourful new blooms or shoots are growing. Teach your children about spring and use some flowers or leaves as kitchen decorations to keep them busy while you prepare one of your favourite springtime dinner recipes. 

Pancake Art

Kids love to get involved – whether it’s flipping pancakes or sifting flour, give them a fun task so they feel part of the cooking process. Pancakes are always a treat and your children can help you to decorate each person’s plate by adding some pretty flowers or ‘honey art swirls’ to the plate. Here’s a simple Pancake Recipe to get you started. 

Grow Your Own 

If you have a bit of greenery, a fun project for your hubby and the kids is to start a small veggie garden. Your kids can learn about the seasons and how to look after fresh, home-grown food. A herb garden is also a good idea. You can always add your herbs or veggies to these KNORR Spring dishes.