Celebrating Culture in the Kitchen

4 kitchen tricks to make these special family days as stress-free as possible.
National Braai Day is a wonderful excuse to sit around a table with the ones you love, and enjoy a meal that celebrates an inspirational rainbow nation, and a culture that is so full of flavour! 

We’ve put together 4 kitchen tricks to make these special family days as stress-free as possible with tasty chicken recipes, cook-in-the-bag options and ideas for potato side dishes. 

One-Bag Wonders

What easier way to make a meal of it and to spend more time with loved ones (and less time sweating over the stove!) on a public holiday, than with Knorr’s One-Bag-Wonders? Like our BBQ Flavour Chicken – just add mielies and a potato bake.  

Chicken or Beef? 

Put a different spin on Heritage Day/National Braai Day with a delicious roast chicken. You can always add the family favourites like a creamy potato salad and a side of boerewors rolls for the kids, but a spicy roast chicken never fails to win over even the most South African of palates. Or if you’re a stickler for beef, try our Roast Beef and Mushroom recipe. 

A Flavour for Everyone 

Just like South Africa, this cook-in-the-bag Knorr innovation comes with a wide variety of different flavours for you to pick from. Depending on what’s for dinner, we have handpicked the flavours to bring out the best in every meal you cook. Here’s our Cook-in-the-bag selection.

Potato Inspiration

Got the main meat dish sorted for Braai Day? Well Knorr’s got some tasty side dishes like creamy potato bakes, potato wedges, buttery mash and even a potato soup! These dishes will ensure that everyone leaves your home with sated appetites and full tummies. See our potato-inspired recipe selection.