Refresh your Kitchen Rituals

4 culinary tips that look at our range of ridiculously easy one-bag wonders.
With the exciting arrival of the Spring season, we thought it would be a great time to refresh your recipe repertoire and try some of our lighter, ‘springified’ ideas. 

We’ve put together 4 culinary tips that look at our range of ridiculously easy one-bag wonders, chicken as a healthy protein and green (or bean!) salad goodness. 

Why not Cook-in-the-Bag?

This is a method of cooking from KNORR that is both innovative and easy. Basically, we add the perfect mix of flavours in a bag, that you then add your meat to, and as the meat cooks the flavours permeate the food, leaving it moist and deliciously tasty! A great, fuss-free style of cooking from KNORR. 

Protein plus Greens

This month we’re discovering even MORE ways to cook chicken. Being one of the lighter meat options, chicken is a lean source of protein for you and your family. Try our Cooked-in-a-bag Paella with Chicken and Peas, and add even more greens if you like!


We have many different types of flavours to choose from for your weekly chicken meals. Some of our flavours include Spicy Roast Chicken, Garlic and Rosemary, Lemon & Italian Herbs…and the list goes on. See the full Chicken Cook-in-the-bag recipes

Dress up your Salad 

What better accompaniment to a chicken dish than a healthy salad for the whole family to enjoy? Try a hearty bean salad with butter beans, green beans and kidney beans tossed in a delicious mayonnaise, olive oil and Balsamic dressing (all already in your fridge or cupboards!), with a crack of pepper. If you feel like an extra crunch add finely chopped onions, normal or spring onions.