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All About Pinterest

What is Pinterest, and how does it work?

Fans of our Facebook page will have noticed that we often post links to our W4D Pinterest boards.

Pinterest has become something of an Internet sensation. Launched in 2009, this photo-sharing site now has an estimated 70 million active members worldwide (most of them women). Pinterest covers thousands of topics ranging from animals and architecture to food & drink, crafts, fashion, beauty, kids, gardening and travel.

The easiest way to describe this useful and inspiring free service is to imagine it as a collection of ‘virtual’ notice boards. When you create your own Pinterest account, you ‘build’ a series of online boards, each one of them around a theme that interests you. 

For example, you could create a wedding board if you’re planning upcoming nuptials, or a vegetarian board if you’re looking for meat-free recipes, or a board covered with pictures of gorgeous shoes if you’re a fan of fabulous footwear! 

Onto each board, you ‘pin’ inspiring images, which you find either on the Internet, or on the boards of other Pinterest fans who share the same interests – this is known as ‘repinning’.

On our W4D Pinterest page we pin photographs of our recipes onto specially themed boards (and we have 32 of them!) such as Knorr Stock Pot Recipes, Scrumptious Salads, Marvellous Meat, Champion Chicken, and so on.  

These boards allow whatsfordinner fans to see a selection of our favourite recipes under each topic at a glance, which is so useful when you’re in a hurry and looking for something to make for a delicious, quick dinner.  What’s more, if you click twice on a photograph you like, Pinterest takes you straight to the recipe at

We also use Pinterest to create inspirational boards for special or seasonal occasions, such as Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day

Pinterest is very easy to use on both desktop PCs and on most mobile devices.  We hope you’ll join as a member so you can get busy repinning our great easy recipes to your own boards. You can join by signing up as a member – click on the link here to go to the Pinterest home page.

Once you’re a member, you can find out how to ‘pin’ and ‘repin’ images to  your own boards by following Pinterest’s easy-to-understand instructions.

Happy pinning!