Easy Recipes for Kids

Happy Kids

Cooking with the Kids: Delicious Family Favourites

When the rainclouds roll in, it means that the kids have to be entertained indoors. 

Tiled with work surfaces, the kitchen is the perfect place to keep the children occupied. Try these delicious and easy recipes and get the whole family involved.

Easy and Quick Bolognese Sauce

This is an old favourite and perfect for a weekday dinner. By serving it with elbow macaroni instead of spaghetti, you can keep the kids busy. While you’re chopping, sautéing and spicing, seat the kids at the kitchen counter and get them to make necklaces with raw macaroni. All they’ll need is some string, a handful of macaroni and khoki pens.

Delicious Bobotie Pancakes

Did someone say pancakes? Kids love pancakes, both making them and eating them! Get the kids to help mix the batter while you add all the ingredients. While you’re making the pancakes, get the kids to rate your flipping skills on a scale from one to ten. This is sure to become one of your favourite family dinner recipes and definitely one of the most fun!

Big Beef Braai Burgers

Ideal for a quick and delectable family treat! You do the frying and get the kids to do the building. Set out all the ingredients on an easy-to-reach surface and let the kids go wild while creating their own gourmet burgers – this makes for fun family times!

Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Having small kids in the kitchen, safely seated at the table, is a great way to keep your eye on them while getting on with dinner. By making a delicious pie, you can give your little ones the offcuts of the puff pastry. Flour a work surface and allow them to get creative. Pop their creations in the oven with the pie and cook till crisp.