Host a Winning Winter Dinner Party

More time indoors means more dinner parties with your friends! 

Whatsfordinner has your meal covered – now be the host of the season with these easy tips!

Don’t forget the music

There’s nothing worse than walking into a dinner party to complete silence. Create a playlist that will last from when the first guest arrives until the last leaves. If your dinner is themed, incorporate it into the music. Some South African liedjties immediately add charm to an evening of ostrich kebabs, juicy beef fillets and a traditional hearty potjie.

Get people talking

Dinner parties are great places for engaging conversations. Keep them going by bringing up topics that a few people are interested in or have in common. If you notice someone isn’t involved, strike up a chat on the side about something he or she likes in particular - perhaps find out what his or her favourite winter meal is. Ask him or her about their unique preparation method. And, most importantly, don’t dominate conversation!

Lighting, lighting, lighting

Well thought-out lighting immediately puts people at ease. A few candles and soft lamps here and there work wonders. If you have a dimmer switch, dial it down a notch or two. Or, to try something different, change your light bulbs to pale pinks – the colour flatters any complexion.

Practice your meal beforehand

This is a big one. Don’t try a dish for the first time on the night of a dinner party. Even the most talented chefs can fall short here. We recommend testing it out once or twice before the time, at least, to ensure it’s a hit on the night.

Serve something delicious

Choose a dish that will have people talking about it for days afterwards. Thanks to the wide array of delicious, easy-to-follow recipes from whatsfordinner, it’s not as daunting as it sounds. Why not try our Mustard, Beef and Red Wine Stew, made with our famously convenient and fresh Knorr Beef Stock Pot.