Happy Kids

Time To Play With Food

No paper around the house to get your kids painting? 

Make food a canvas and let them enjoy some yummy fun while you take a break from your busy day.

Bread painting

Put a quarter cup of milk in a few small cups. Then add a different colour food colouring to each cup. Give your kids some paint brushes and let them paint away! (Just keep an eye out to make sure the bread doesn’t get too soggy.) When the kids are done, toast the bread and voila!, edible art!

Pancake faces

This one’s easy. Make your favourite pancakes and use different sweet things to create a funny face. Chocolate spread and cream make for great paint, strawberries as noses are a hit, use Smarties for a toothy grin, and sliced marshmallows for eyes.

Egg-cellent eggs

You’re going to help out for the first bit, here. Make a hole on either end of the egg and blow the yolk and egg white out of the shell. Then just hand them the water paint! Sticking paper or fabric on the egg is also fun but you have to be gentle – you don’t want to crack the egg now! 

Rice paper 

If your kids are a bit older and you’re just looking for something slightly different to regular paper, rice paper is an interesting way to go. Crumple the paper up and then smooth it out to give it a funky texture. Then let the experimenting with watercolour or food colouring begin!