Happy Kids

4 Ways to Entertain the Kids on a Rainy Day

Winter can be tough when it comes to keeping the kids busy indoors – especially when you’re trying to cook dinner!

That’s why we've put together a list of activities for your children that will keep them interested for hours.

Set up a treasure hunt

Curiosity keeps the kids busy! Hiding interesting things around the house for children to find makes a boring day an adventure. There are all sorts of hunts you can do. Why not try the well-known treasure hunt where each discovery brings with it a clue to the next? Or a ‘one-item’ scavenger hunt? (It’s kind of like an Easter egg hunt but using things like tennis balls or sweets.) Of course, there’s also the traditional scavenger hunt: simply write a list of items on a piece of paper and let your little ones find them!

Make paper plate masks

An age old favourite, making paper plate masks is easy and stimulates kids’ creativity. And it’s not expensive either. All you need is a paper plate, a punch, about 40cm of elastic and some crayons. Cut holes for eyes in the plate then punch two holes opposite each other. Then let your children draw their favourite animal on the plate, knot each end of the elastic through the punched holes, and let your kids’ imaginations do the rest!

Have a shadow puppet show!

First you need a theatre. To make one, take a cardboard box and cut out the top and bottom. On one end, fix two layers of white tissue paper with tape – that’s the screen. When it comes to puppets, cardboard figures cut out and stuck on ice cream sticks work really well… or you can just use small toys, like dinosaur figurines. Then all that’s left to do is dim the lights, turn on the flash light and watch the fun begin!

Anyone for a game of balloon volleyball?

Take two dining room chairs and create a ‘net’ by resting a broom between the chair backs. A blown up balloon becomes the volleyball and two kids that were bored become two champion volleyball players hitting the ‘ball’ over the ‘net’ for hours.