5 Types of Pasta You Should Know


This little guy is a cylinder tube pasta that its highly versatile shape can be topped with any sauce, baked in any dish, or put in any salads, stir-fry dishes or soups.


This word means ‘twisted spaghetti’ and is long spiraled shaped pasta that looks like the point end of a screw. This lovely pasta can be turned into a cold pasta salad, added in soups, or best, baked in a casserole!


Penne pretty much complements every sauce, and works even better when paired with a chunky sauce, or an olive oil-based sauce. This shape is also great for baking as it holds its shape a bit better.


We’re almost 100% sure you already know what lasagna is, but did you know the word “lasanum” is the Latin word for pot? Lasagne casseroles contained veggies, mince, a tomato base sauce and flavoured with great herbs! Perfect to freeze for a later meal.


Kids love these shells! This pasta makes a great addition to soups or as the base of a salad. Large shells are great with cheese, meat and vegetables, so next time you’re making Mac ‘n Cheese, opt for shells for a fun twist.

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