Happy Kids

Pasta Art for Kids

Art is a great way to help kids learn how to mark artworks out of materials, including everyday household items. 

This can include wool, tin foil, wood glue, scraps of paper, board, bottle caps, straws, and yes, pasta too! This fun activity, using inexpensive pasta, is perfect for you little ones when it’s too cold to play outdoors. Here are some fun and affordable ideas for you to introduce to your children, when planning the next crafts day.

Make a Colour Mosaic

With a colour mosaic, you can simply have one type of pasta, rather than many different types, and you’ll need to prep it the night before. Follow the steps to dye pasta different colours, so that your children can use colourful pieces to make their work of art. You’ll need containers, food colouring colours, a bottle of vinegar and paper towels.

- Divide your pasta into your several containers
- Pour vinegar into the container to cover all the pasta
- Add a few drops of food colouring (using a different colour for a different container)
- Allow the pasta to sit for eight hours
- Drain the containers and place the pasta on paper towels to dry off
- Once dry, your little ones can start their artworks!

Get your kids a piece of hard card to stick their pasta on, as well as wood glue to stick their pasta on.

Create Jewellery

Pasta with holes, like macaroni, elbow macaroni, cannelloni, penne, rigatoni, wagon wheels, and more are the perfect type to make pasta jewellery. You’ll only need to get pasta and thread together for a fun jewellery-making session with the little ones. String the pasta together to form necklaces.

Make a Jewellery Box

With three or more different types of pasta, gold or silver spray paint, wood glue and a plain boring box with a lid to start things off. Help your little ones by prepping the materials for them. Tell your children they can stick the pasta on anywhere they desire on the box, then allow the glue to dry, giving it a few hours to dry off once complete. Help them spray the gold or silver on, and again, allow the box to dry, and voila! Your kids have made jewellery boxes!